Here are the questions that were sent to the candidates. This page, and all others, are printable.


1. Do you believe that the City property tax rate is a deterrent to attracting new residents and businesses to locate in Baltimore City? Yes / No
2. If you answered "yes" to Qt. 1, what is your strategy for reducing the tax rate?
3. Given the inequity between what residents pay in real estate taxes and corporations and nonprofits do and don’t pay, what is your plan to reduce the disparities in property taxes so that everyone pays their share in keeping the city financially solvent?
4. Would you consider increasing taxes on vacant property, while lowering them on occupied property? Can you be specific?

5. Describe your vision for our ten year financial plan?

6. How would you propose compelling the City Schools Administration to do a top-to-bottom overhaul of its operating inefficiencies?
7. Explain the role of charter schools for Baltimore. Do you think charter schools help the City retain families who do have the resources to relocate to other jurisdictions? Please explain.

Economic Development
8. Describe, with specific examples, how you would expand and diversify the city’s economy.
9. What is your strategy to boost neighborhood commercial business districts and small businesses? Is there specific red tape to be cut?

Vacant Properties
10. What would be your plan to address the city’s vacant houses and abandoned lots?
11. What do you propose to do with city owned buildings, such as schools, offices, public works, yards, etc. that are no longer needed or in service?

12. Which City agencies are in the greatest need of reform and what specific reforms to do you have in mind?

13. What would be your first priority to reduce crime in the city? Please specifically address violent and property crimes separately. What administrative reforms that you would prioritize for the police department?

14. What will you do about Baltimore’s aging infrastructure from old sewers to bridges and roads and water lines?

Population growth
15. What specific strategies will you use to increase the City’s population, and specifically to attract and retain such expanding population groups as millennials and immigrants?